High Five Returns

Shut down after 2007’s indie flop, From the Horse’s Mouth, Minneapolis-based film crew High Five Productions is back behind the camera with aspirations to compete in – and win – next year’s 10th Annual Twin Cities Documentary Film Festival. Original HFP director Thora Jansson, cinematographer Terry “Munch” Spellman and editor Joanna Burne are joined by newcoming gaffer Aaron Choat and researcher Ken LeFleurve. High Five has the skills to win, but the talent pool of Minneapolis’s indie film scene has never been deeper. The filmmakers will have to score a major coup to get their names back in the spotlight.

A Strange Subject

In March of this year, South Senior High School sophomore Heather Rogers was found dead on the shore of Lake Nokomis on Minneapolis’s south side. Her death was treated as an accidental drowning until an anonymous source tipped police in May that Church of Satan member Mario Belphegor had been responsible for Rogers’s death. This accusation led to wide media exposure of the underground Satanist group, culminating in a retaliatory shooting of members Jason “Horns” Bazeley and Philip LaChouffe in June. This shooting rocketed the case into the national spotlight, and into the sights of High Five Productions.

The Hidden Danger

Since the arrest of Mario Belphegor, Minneapolis police chief Vernon McCough has implicated the Church of Satan in a number of unsolved kidnappings dating back as far as 2002. Are the Satanists just deviant youths, or does something more sinister drive their actions? Is there any truth to the allegations against the Satanists, or have the Minneapolis police joined an old-fashioned witch hunt? The High Five crew queitly slips into the middle of the conflict with their cameras rolling and the clock ticking… the film festival is only nine months away.

Hunter: Minneapolis

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