Hunter: Minneapolis

Week 2

The car fire plot thickens, lots of research, and a creepy gas station

Joanna was really tired out, so she’d be out of commission for pretty much the entire week. Meanwhile, the group met up the day after the whole “car fire” event to discuss the latest developments. Namely, Terry had found a note in his camera bag while shooting footage at the rally/protest, several hours before Aaron’s car caught fire. The note (view it here) ominously warned the group not to pursue an interview with Philip LaChouffe. The group wondered how their contact with LaChouffe was discovered, and their skill at profiling allowed them to narrow down the possible sources of the “leak” to their earlier contact with Kaela Shulz. From Friday night through the early hours of Sunday, the group left the rental car Aaron had acquired from his insurance company parked outside the Shulz house with a camera/laptop contraption hidden inside that uploaded footage every hour, but required them to change the battery every 4 to 6 hours. This resulted in, most notably, footage of the comings and goings of a party occurring Saturday night, though the group has yet to find the time to review the footage. Unfortunately, the group was not very stealthy when leaving the car, so if anyone was paying special attention, they will have seen and noted the group in the Shulz’s neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Terry went back to the studio alone (despite repeated attempts to rouse Joanna) to go over the footage from the rally the previous week. He was unable to sight anyone directly placing the letter into his bag, although he did see a blond haired, blue eyed woman paying especial attention to him, in a near-blind corner of several shots. He took a snapshot of the woman with his camera phone and sent it to the rest of the crew, but no one seemed to recognize her. Later, he attempted to recall more about that day through a guided meditation with his mentor, but nothing new came out of it.

Aaron reported the vandalism aspect of the car fire incident to his insurance company, which will probably result in a long delay in getting his insurance check. The group filed a police report, and turned the threatening note over to Thora’s police contact, Maggie Chisholm, who promised to call if any usable prints turned up. Later, the group was asked to submit to fingerprinting to eliminate their own prints from those found on the note (Terry refused). Maggie informed them that the lab successfully lifted a suspect’s prints from the note, and that they matched prints they already had on file from another case they were investigating, but that the prints belonged to an unknown suspect and she couldn’t discuss the other case.

The group saw a pretty cool zombie film from Omaha at the Rogue film fest, and attended the private screening of The Other Me with the Salamander guys where they schmoozed with Barry Gale and Chuck Lawley, who was a prick.

No amount of persuading convinced Maggie Chisholm to tell the group about any of the cold cases the police were reopening, but after spending a day in the police station records room, Ken was able to come up with an extensive list of recent unsolved disappearances involving young girls, though a further analysis of the data would take some time. The group began the process of trying to line up jailhouse interviews with Mario Belphegor and Mark Farnsworth, but found that this was going to be a difficult bureaucratic mess that would take quite some time to work out. Unfazed by the threatening note, the group scheduled an interview with Philip LaChouffe on Wednesday night, location TBD.

Finally, the group tried to contact Earnest Leighton of Resurrection Baptist Ministry, the author of the wacko religious pamphlet about the CoS, which led to the first truly creepy event of the campaign. Thora’s initial phone call to the number on the pamphlet reached only an answering machine. There was no public listing for the church or Leighton, and the phone number was unpublished, but some badass researching by Ken netted the group an address in the northern suburbs, which turned out to be an old gas station on a dilapidated street in what appeared to be an abandoned neighborhood. The service station was boarded up and neglected, and gave Terry such a creepy feeling, he was compelled to stay by the car where Aaron was keeping watch (though he did turn on his camera to catch all the action), while Thora and Ken investigated. Drawing near the station, the group saw some scripture scrawled on the door and a crucifix inexplicably swinging in the entry vestibule, the only part of the station they were able to see into.

Calling the church’s phone number again, they could hear a rotary telephone ringing inside, but when the line appeared to go dead, the ringing continued. Soon, they could hear the answering machine pick up, followed by the sound of a message being recorded: first heavy breathing, then a voice saying “Get away.” At the same time, Aaron and Terry noticed a late-model, red sedan approach and stop a couple of blocks from them, and a man step out of the car. As he’d been recording Thora and Ken’s investigation of the station, Terry attempted to use his camera to zoom in on the man and the car. Meanwhile, Ken called the police, tried unsuccessfully to get them to trace the calls being made to the church phone number, and instead convinced them to send a squad car to the service station address. Terry tried to get close enough to get a good shot of the man or his license plate, but the man got back in his car and began fleeing. The group piled back into their own car and attempted to give chase while Terry filmed what he could of the fleeing car. It is unclear whether he was able to get a shot of the license plate before Aaron lost control of his car and they were unable to continue the chase. Before they could return to the service station, the group noticed a police car arriving, and discussed their possible plan to watch the policeman investigate the station and wait for him to leave before returning to continue their own investigation.

Ben, the strange kid who offered his services as an intern before promptly running off in terror when Ken tried to videotape him, has not resurfaced.

OOG: It was decided that research and any phone calls, etc., necessary for the group’s film work can be handled over email or on the wiki between gaming sessions, so as to allow more time for action on game nights.

XP awarded (includes last week as well):
player regular xp practical xp
George 3 1
Adam 2 2
Noah 3 2
Robby 1 1
Scott 1 0


Strangely enough, that is EXACTLY how I envisioned the gas station looking…

Week 2

That image almost looks like it’s CGI, from Crysis or something.

Week 2

It’s actually a real, live abandoned gas station in Japan, but it’s certainly either been taken though some crazy filter or it’s been digitally enhanced.

Week 2

Again, just for the record, this is a fabulous entry, dakis. Thanks again for doing this.

Week 2

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