Hunter: Minneapolis

Week 3

Interviews and a flying pig monster!

The group parked the car several blocks from the gas station to wait for the police officer to leave. Terry reviewed the footage he’d just taken and determined that he’d probably gotten a good enough shot of the red car to read the license plate when he got the camera back to the studio. After twenty minutes, the group drove back toward the station and saw that not only was the squad car still there, it had been joined by the red car, a white cargo van and several men. They pulled up to the station anyway, in time to see all but one of the men enter the gas station. The officer tried to persuade the group to leave the scene with mild threats and reprimands about abusing the emergency telephone number, but Terry persuaded the other man, Lance, to speak with the group, which he did after calling for his two companions, Flem and Joe. Lance revealed that the gas station has been serving as an administrative office for the Resurrection Baptist Ministry, then spouted a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about foreigners and devil-worshipers before telling them that while Mark Farnsworth was a member of their parish, his actions were not endorsed by the Ministry. He also informed them that the Ministry held services on Sundays at a moving location, and provided them with the address for this Sunday’s service. Satisfied, the group headed off.

Having returned from her wild week of sexual escapades in Wisconsin, Joanna met back up with the group at a coffee house, where they caught each other up on recent developments and bounced ideas off each other. Later, they packed their filming equipment into their cars and headed off to their interview with Philip LaChouffe, which was to take place at his friend Corey’s house where he’d been staying.

The group was a little jumpy on the way to the interview, what with the recent threats, warnings and car fires. But they arrived without incident and found only a three-legged cat, Dragon, prowling around the outside of the house. While Phil wrapped up some prior business in the bathroom, Corey let the group into the house and allowed them to begin setting up while answering a few informal questions. As Terry filmed some “B-roll” and Joanna and Aaron set up their equipment, Corey told Thora that he’d known Phil since junior high, and that despite the fact that they ran in different crowds these days, he felt that the accusations of Phil’s involvement with the Church of Satan were without merit. Once Phil finally made his entrance, the group managed to put him at ease and attempted to begin the interview, but they were unable to get the shot they wanted in the cramped living room, and they decided to film in the basement instead. As they reset their equipment in the new location, Corey went out for pizza and Phil informed the group that he had a medical condition that caused him to suffer from seizures occasionally, and that if something like that should happen, they should tell Corey and, as a last resort, get his medicine from the upstairs bathroom. Aaron stayed upstairs to keep an eye out on the street, and before the interview began, Ken excused himself to the bathroom. During the interview, he searched through the room Phil was staying in, but found nothing of interest.

Finally, the interview began in earnest, and Thora (with the help of the group’s preparations) questioned Phil on a variety of topics. Much of the interview proved a disappointment, as Phil insisted that, in his experience, the CoS was not a real organization and that his and his friend’s involvement in it was nothing more than some harmless goofing off. He did confess to having killed some chickens back in the day but wouldn’t admit to having experienced anything crazier than that. After a long while, Thora began asking more pointed questions about the murder of Heather Rogers and his own shooting, and Phil’s tone shifted to become more serious. He revealed that a dangerous group of Satanists (the “real deal,” as he put it) had come into the area a couple of years ago and began selling drugs, mostly to teenagers. Some teens were disappearing, and others were being used to take the fall for the disappearances. He cited the Heather Rogers murder as a case in point, stating that he knew that Mario Belphegor hadn’t killed her. He also mentioned that Mario and others (in addition to taking the fall) were also acting as drug pushers for the “real deal” occultists. Another girl, Melody (the first name of one of the girls Ken had been researching) was also a victim, according to Phil. Most worryingly, he claimed that some members of the police force are in on the conspiracy and that the Resurrection Baptist Ministry was actually a front for these satanic drug pushers. Phil also told the group of a slacker and addict named Darren who enjoyed a sharp change in his financial fortunes after contact with the Ministry. Finally, he accused Mark Farnsworth of being a sort of enforcer for the cultists, and said that he and Jason Bazeley were shot to prevent them from revealing the truth about the murder of Heather Rogers.

Running out of topics to pursue, Thora began to explore Phil’s relationship with Kaela and Ben Shulz. Phil claimed that he knew Kaela well, but that, oddly, he knew no one named Ben and that Kaela had no brother. As he began to hint that Kaela was seriously implicated in the cult he’d been speaking of, Terry and Joanna began to notice that the camera had begun smoking. They cut off the interview, and as Terry inspected the lens, it shattered. As Joanna and Terry tried to fix the camera, Phil suddenly collapsed to the floor in a seizure. The group began to attempt to administer first aid to Phil as Ken rushed down with a syringe full of his medicine. As Terry tried to insert something into Phil’s mouth for his protection, the group was taken aback by the horrifying sight of something emerging from Phil’s throat. Most of the group was stunned by the sight of a horrid piglet with wings climbing from Phil’s open mouth, and though Joanna was able to keep her wits about her, Ken promptly evacuated the contents of his bowels and bladder. The beast attempted to flee up the basement stairs, at the top of which it ran right into Aaron who’d been heading down in response to the commotion. It gored Aaron’s face and frantically attempted to escape. Thora, racing to Aaron’s aid, pulled him away while Joanna zapped the beast with her tazer and Terry tried to tackle it. Both were splattered and smeared with pus from the beast’s wounds. Downstairs, Ken administered the contents of the syringe to Phil, who was breathing but unresponsive. Corey returned home at an inopportune time, and the creature escaped as he opened the door. Terry removed his shirt in order to retain a sample of the animal’s pus-blood. The group called an ambulance which carted Phil and Aaron away to the hospital.

In varying states of horror, disbelief, and enthrallment, the group agreed to lay low for a few days and avoid contact. Joanna related their encounter to her occult mentor who, with the corroboration of the pus-stained shirt, was able to determine that the beast they’d encountered was some type of low-powered, demon-spawned imp. Ken at first succeeded in his attempts to disbelieve the entire event, then, deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, he changed hotels and visited every occult shop in the city in an attempt to research methods of self-preservation and buy a slew of protective knick-knacks. Oddly, he ran into Vanessa Chen who again offered him beginner’s yoga classes at her studio and gave him her card. This scene reinforced Ken’s belief that he is no good with women, as he clammed up and was unable to speak intelligibly.

Regular XP awarded:
player regular xp total xp (last 3 sessions)
Adam 2 4
George 2 5
Noah 3 6
Robby 2 3
Scott 3 4

Practical XP awarded to the group (last 3 sessions): 13


HAHAHAHA!!! It’s the flying pig monster!!!

Week 3

George: fantastic work! I am going to make a handful of edits (p.s. it was Ken not Terry who went to the occult shop). Well done!

Week 3

That’s true, I knew that. It was getting pretty late and there’s a lot of names to keep straight!

Week 3

No prob. I changed it and updated a couple other things, including the creation of a page for the Resurrection Baptist Ministry, muahahahah

Week 3

Oh, also, George, can you reorganize the table (if you have time) to be either alphabetical or by most xp? It would make it a bit easier to read…

Week 3

I’ll do it alphabetically since it’s a lot quicker to just cut and paste it each week and change the numbers than to reorganize the lines each time.

Week 3

Freaking sweet. I showed the picture to one of my clients, asked him what it was: “A pig with bat wings in a basement?” Well done, G, well done.

Week 3

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