Hunter: Minneapolis

Week 4

Wherein everybody goes batshit crazy

Ken would be performing an extensive, ritualistic cleansing of his pants and lower extremities, and thus would be out of commission this week. Terry found himself unable to reach Joanna or Aaron, and began to worry. Joanna’s phone appeared to be in the possession of an unhelpful Carleton College student, and no one had heard from Aaron in days. He called Thora early Wednesday morning and she agreed to meet him at Aaron’s to check up on him. Aaron’s nosy landlady hadn’t seen or heard from him since sometime the previous day, and since he was unable to convince her to let him up to the apartment, Terry pushed past her and rushed upstairs. Inside Aaron’s apartment, Terry found quite a disturbing scene: crazy drawings in blood on the bathroom mirror, neatly stacked piles of shredded bills and such, and some sketches of skewered rabbits on the furniture. Terry snapped some pictures on his cameraphone and headed for the door, on the inside of which he noticed, scrawled in crayon, the cryptic phrase, “I went to the woods!” He hurried back downstairs, and once outside discussed with Thora what they ought to do next. They agreed to drive around a bit while they waited for Aaron’s shift to begin at his garage at 6AM, when they hoped to reach him and find him safe and sound.

Alas, instead they were stopped by the sight of a figure climbing to the top of a mausoleum as they drove through a nearby cemetery, and they discovered it to be Aaron. He had spent the last half day or so alternately mutilating and speaking with a dead squirrel while digging at the flesh of his hand with a knife. He attempted to flee, but Terry and Thora chased him down, wrestled him to the ground and disarmed him while avoiding injury. Once they’d dragged him back to the car, they restrained him and drove him out to the Beaver Dam, a strip club and hangout of Huang Shen Lei, Terry’s guru. He agreed to watch over and attempt to assist Aaron while the two tried to hunt down Joanna.

During the hour drive south toward Carleton, Terry tried to convince Thora that all of this was somehow the result of their encounter with the demon during their Philip LaChouffe interview, but Thora rejected the idea. Soon before reaching Carleton, they came upon a trio of squad cars and a crowd of policemen along the side of the highway attempting to deal with a mostly naked young woman in a tree who was convinced she could fly. The young woman, of course, turned out to be Joanna, who had spent the last several hours chasing red cars up the highway while wearing nothing but a brassiere and a pair of running shoes. Thora and Terry were unable to convince her to come down from the tree, and had to wait for the fire department to arrive and retrieve Joanna, who was arrested by the police. After Joanna was brought to the police station, Thora managed to convince the police that she was a doctor at a group home for patients suffering from mental disorders, and that Joanna was an escaped resident. They released Joanna into Thora and Terry’s custody, and the two drove her back up to the Beaver Dam. Once there, Terry and Huang again tried to convince Thora that demons were the cause of her friends’ conditions, and she again rejected the idea. After some wacky herbal treatment, Aaron and Joanna regained their faculties, but couldn’t remember anything that had happened while they’d been impaired.

After a trip to the hospital to treat Aaron’s wounds, the group repaired to the Green Bison where they intended to get thoroughly drunk and continue discussing the incredible recent events. They were overheard by Tony, a local investor and producer of such memorable films as Pink Skull Caper and The Singing Homicidal Chef. Tony was interested in investing in their latest film, as he admired their recent work and took an interest in the subject matter of their latest film. There were some differences of opinion among the group members about what they should be doing regarding their project, and indeed, whether they should continue making a film at all. Thora and Terry, for instance, wondered if their time might be better spent following up on the allegations brought up in their LaChouffe interview, while Joanna wanted to stay focused on the project. All agreed, though, that some money would be useful, no matter what course they intended to pursue, and so after some intense negotiation, the group agreed to give Tony 20% of the profits of their completed film for his investment of $50,000.

The next morning, the group deposited the check (which cleared) and celebrated over eggs at IHOP before heading to their studio to meet Tony and review the footage they had so far. Once there, they met Tony’s lawyer, Frank, who had them sign a phonebook-sized contract. Their review of the LaChouffe and gas station footage confirmed that they had quite a few solid, usable moments. More interesting was their surreptitious footage of the party at the Shulz home, which included a shot of the mysterious blonde woman from Terry’s candlelight vigil footage. She looked quite out of place, as a late-twenty-something at a high school party, and was never seen entering the home throughout the long hours of footage the group had shot, though whether she’d arrived through a back door, or had just been in the home all along was unclear. Also notable in the party footage were shots of a short, young brunette who was assumed to be Kaela Shulz, and an odd stretch of footage taken around midnight, where the lights in the home appeared to go off, candlelight was seen through the windows, and a sudden, shadowy flapping appeared breifly before the lights returned to normal. The boy the group knows as Ben Shulz was not seen at any point.

XP awarded: 1 each for Adam, Robby, Scott, George and Nate for attendance. 1 each for Robby and George for teamwork in rescuing their companions, 1 for Adam for reacting in a manner that was believable despite being detrimental to the group, 1 for Scott for uncovering important information through the use of his skills, 1 for Adam for arming himself physically, 1 for Nate for negotiating a movie deal at the target price.

Practical XP awarded to the group: 2. Total practical XP (last 4 sessions): 15.

Regular XP awarded:
player regular xp total xp (last 4 sessions)
Adam 3 7
George 2 7
Nate 2 2
Noah 0 6
Robby 2 5
Scott 2 6


George, you’re getting good with photo editing!

Week 4

George: either you have photographic memory, or you are taking insanely good notes. Either way, I am concerned for your health. Nice job.

p.s. do you think there should be an area on the wiki for solo-character information? i.e. Terry’s realization about the pig monster and his subsequent healing, Aaron’s wild night, Joanna’s slutty adventure, etc.?

Week 4

I try to remember all the stuff that went on, but admittedly, I do tend to zone out a bit more when all the attention is not on ME. So, if I felt like I missed important bits that happened to someone else’s character, I’ve just left it off with the idea that someone else can fill them in. Like, I don’t remember what exactly you were up to, Robby, before you started calling around and finding Aaron and Joanna missing, so I just didn’t include it. If you feel it was noteworthy (and it probably was, I just wasn’t paying attention), then by all means, drop it in there.

Week 4

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