Co-host of 180 Seconds


Tatonka is a big, lonely man, the kind of man that all the beautiful women adore and torment because they know he knows he doesn’t have a chance with them. His mother was a single black woman (“Not just A single black woman,” he jokes, “THE single black woman!”) in Bismarck, ND and his father was Lakota Sioux, so the story goes, although he never met his father and his mother barely did. Tatonka earned his name thanks to the movie Dances with Wolves. It was originally hurled at him in junior high school as an insult, but upon learning its meaning he chose to adopt it as his nickname. Later in life he changed it legally, hating his birth name (which he does not disclose to anybody, although people with MIFC rumor that it is Huey).

Tatonka has been employed at a Barnes and Noble in St. Paul for nearly five years. While he is known to everybody in MIFC, 180 Seconds and other local indie film groups or events, he does not actually produce any film work, preferring to just “help around” as need be, lending his basic, but reliable computer skills to those that need them. Tatonka is 29 years old, and talks about maybe going to college someday if the time is right.


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