Aaron Choat

Unfocused lay-about just trying to do something with his life.


Virtue: Hope; Vice: Envy

Abilities: Primary-Mental, Secondary-Physical, Tertiary-Social

Specialty Skills: Craft(automobiles), Expression(airbrush), Science(physics)

Merits: Common Sense, Barfly, Resources(2), Safehouse(1)


Aaron never knew what he wanted to do in life. After graduating his suburban high school, he went to University of Minnesota with an undelcared major. After his first year, he dropped out of college. It wasn’t because he was dumb or anything, he just doesn’t have focus. Since then, he’s had a number of jobs, including construction worker, part-time cook, plumber, data-entry specialist, electrician, and currently, auto mechanic. He’d get bored at one job, then leave for the next one in the hopes that a new and exciting experience would put him on the right path. However, nothing seems to keep his interest, though he thoroughly enjoys the part time job he’s doing for some documentary film makers. Basically working as their gaffer and grip, making sure their power requirements and lighting are set, building structures as needed, etc. He’s watched what these guys are doing and has learned a lot, thinking that this might be what he wants to do with his life. So now, he’s started saving money, hoping to enroll int he film making program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in a few years.


I want to point out that Aaron is not necessarily a slacker. He just has nothing that motivates him. He always shows up to work on time, works hard while there, and puts in extra time as needed (usually needs overtime to help pay the bills). He has no interest in forming relationships with any of his coworkers, as he does not intend on being around this job for a long time. He likes cars, and grew up helping his dad rebuild antique cars. In fact, his dad promised him if Aaron goes back to college, gets his degree, and does something with his life, Aaron’s dad would give him his restored ruby-red 1970 Pontiac GTO as a graduation present. In the meantime, he’s riding around town in his Turbocharged 2002 Mazda Protege 5 with carbon fiber hood and after market stereo. Fixing cars is a hobby though. He hates that he has do this as a job because it takes all the fun out of it. He’d rather go back to Sprinter Electrical Services and do wiring of new houses before he was laid off due to these tough economic times in the housing sector. He works at Uptown Imports which is south west of downtown Minneapolis. It’s your standard mechanic, focusing on imported European and Asian automobiles. They pride themselves in their honesty and not jerking around customers with unneeded work, though sometimes the customers need a little jerking around if you look at the cars their driving. Hey, if they don’t know any better, why not get some of these people in their BMW m5’s to pay an extra thousand bucks on new shocks and struts?

Aaron lives by himself in an apartment in Linden Hills, a southwestern suburb right outside of Minneapolis. He only has a 10 minute drive to work, and can avoid a lot of traffic. He’s never really had a long-term relationship, and never really wanted one. He’s got a few really close friends, but they no longer live in Minnesota, and he only sees them around the holidays. He goes out drinking, oftentimes alone, to various low-key bars, though he drinks in moderation. He’ll hang out with some former coworkers from time to time. His parents live in the Minneapolis area still, and his sister, 21, is at college at St. Olaf College in Northfield.

His friend Joanne, who he dated for awhile, mentioned to Aaron that she was working with film crew, and they needed an electrical engineer to help out. Aaron went in for an interview, and with Joanne’s urging, he got the job. He’s only been working with them for a couple of months, but finds the work exciting, and has a keen interesting in the technical side of making movies. He is eager to help out whenever possible. In the back of his mind, he hopes to convince these film makers to do a documentary about street racing, but he feels they may be too intellectual to want to do that topic. This job, plus his father’s promise, have compelled Aaron to enroll into an arts school to try and finish his degree.

Aaron Choat

Hunter: Minneapolis Glasfeena