Terry "Munch" Spellman

Terry is tall, lank, slightly muscular, bald, and filled with tatoos.


Virtue: Fortitude; Vice: Lust

Primary: Physical, Secondary: Mental, Tertiary: Social

Specialty skills: Athletics (Skateboarding), Brawl (Kung Fu), Survival (Forest), Expression (Camera).

Noteworthy Skills: Intimidation 2, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 3.

Merits: Professional Training 1, Kung Fu 2, Resources 1, Status (Filmmakers Guild) 1, Mentor (Kung Fu Teacher) 2, Fast Reflexes 2, Danger Sense 2, Iron Stamina 2.


General Information

His name is Terry Spellman and he is a cinematographer. Everyone calls him Munch (favorite painter). Grew up in LA and can’t really remember why he is in St. Paul although he thinks it might have something to do with an ex-girlfriend. Went to school at UCLA but never got the degree. Terry is tall, lanky, bald, and has many tattooes. He is not into the occult, although he loves metal. Favorite bands include: Yakuza, Isis, The Sword, Protest the Hero, and The Fucking Champs.


Cerius (Writer, Director)

Turning of the Century (Sound Design) —Used only kitchen utensils and cabinet doors…

The Wicked Yeomen (Cinematographer) —Silver Medal winner at Phlange Phest

Her Father Confessor (Director, Cinematographer)

Smage (Writer, Director) —Won 2005 PDG Award for Best Picture

Title Was Never There (Cinematographer) —Finalist at Phlage Phest


In general social situations he is very tame and quiet (wears sunglasses almost everywhere). But if you get him involved in a discussion about politics (anarchism or socialism for sure) or veganism, he will go into discussion mode – like something has just locked into place, he will begin quoting things and trying to convert. He tries to hold back sometimes but is not always successful. Part of him wants to push his ideas on everyone, while the other (more buddhist) part wants to leave everyone to their own devices. He has not (as of yet) allowed himself to get physically involved over these issues. But it is one of the few things that can stir him to talk.

He is very Disciplined. As a rule he never fights unless he HAS to. As such, he has only been in a few fights – mostly bar brawls – and he has ended up on top except for once when he was jumped by three muggers (they didn’t look so hot afterwards, though). Otherwise he engages in single combat every week in class, but it is not overly aggressive. He does kung fu because he loves the discipline, the challenge, and the mentality. He is NOT one of those guys who takes kung fu to kick other people’s asses.

A Day in the Life

Terry lives in a low-rent Hispanic neighborhood (assuming this exists). He is somewhat friendly with his neighbors and is very protective of them (He once defended the neighbor’s 14-year-old kid from a group of gang bangers). He skateboards everywhere he can. If it is too far, he takes the bus. His hours at the dojo (working) are sporadic: 3-4 days a week, six hours or so a day, sometimes mornings, sometimes afternoon-evenings. He usually sticks around for a class or two. At night, he is holed up in his attic apartment, usually working on a script or making photo collages. He is not big on hanging out with the crew and usually goes home when the rest go out to the bars. He is not seeing anyone but has been flirting with a neighbor on and off for the past few months. Her name is Lyla, and she is a dark-haired Latina who lives with her parents and two brothers. She is twenty-two and works at a bar around the corner.

Day Job

During the day Terry does odd jobs here and there. He works at the front desk at his dojo, cleans up around the place, and sometimes picks up little gigs here and there from other members (cleaning out garages, building swing sets, etc.). He is also a regular contributor to “Vegan Madness,” a magazine with obvious intentions. If he is ever hard-up for cash, he will also do public access gigs, doing camera-work for city hall meetings and such.

Terry "Munch" Spellman

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