• Gus Hinckey

    Gus is the longest-serving paid employee of the Minnesota Independent Film Council, beginning his tenure as events coordinator in the late 1990's, before the arrival of current Director

  • Barry Gale

    Director of "The Other Me," a documentary film about an online gaming clan which debuted at the Twin Cities Documentary Film Festival and has been picked up by Fox for a national release.

  • Chuck Lawley

    According to Barry Gale, Chuck was the secret to the success of _The Other Me_, a film about the foibles of a group of MMORPG players.

  • Simon Weierke

    The original and still the best host of 180 Seconds at the Green Bison Cafe, Simon Weierke is a local quick-wit, regular guest on Minnesota Public Radio, with a sizable indie filmography including action director of the 2007 horror-comedy _Murder U: Late …

  • Janet Doore

    Janet is the current Director of the Minnesota Independent Film Council, a position she has held since 2003. Janet received a Master's degree in nonprofit management in 1995 and worked for a number of foundations and charities before being hired by MIFC …

  • Larry Fishwick, PhD

    Larry is a professor of film studies at the University of Minnesota, and one of the official panelists for MIFC's Twin City Documentary Film Festival. Larry was brought on as a panelist after the "great purge" of the MIFC selection committee in 2005, as a …

  • Tatonka

    Tatonka is a big, lonely man, the kind of man that all the beautiful women adore and torment because they know he knows he doesn't have a chance with them. His mother was a single black woman ("Not just A single black woman," he jokes, "THE single black …