180 Seconds


Wednesdays, 9 PM – Midnight: 180 Seconds

180 Seconds is Minneapolis’s weekly filmmaker’s open mic. Bring your scenes or short short films to share with other enthusiastic Twin Cities artists, or just come to watch the show. Hosted by director Simon Weierke with co-host Tatonka. Just a few easy rules have kept 180 Seconds a huge success since 2002:

  • All entries must be 180 seconds or less in length (bet you could have guessed that one!)
  • All entries must be received before 9 PM
  • No anonymous entries EVER

Enjoy Green Bison Cafe’s Wednesday specials throughout the show, including 1/2-price domestic drafts, 25 cent corn fritters and $2.00-off our famous free-range barbecue chicken legs.




Thora Jansson is submitting her film, Don’t Run, to this week’s 180 Seconds. It’s a stop-motion animation where you see a little Lego guy running across a lego table for a whole bunch of frames until he reaches the edge and falls off the table. The last few frames are shots of him in pieces on the floor. (Not coincidentally, this is actually the complete description of a film that George made in junior high.)

180 Seconds

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