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The game map for this campaign is now available here.

Pre-game stuff

Film Festival

The group, High Five Productions, is planning to submit a film to the 10th Annual Twin Cities Documentary Film Festival. Here is an email string between the group and Gus Hinckey, the Events Coordinator for the Minnesota Independent Film Council. The festival will be held April 16 – 18 next year.

Barry Gale is another filmmaker (who appears to be more well-established than us) who may be submitting a film to the festival. Here is an interview with him done by Caligula.

Church of Satan

The group is interested in making their next documentary film about the local Church of Satan, which has been in the news lately because of a string of violent events. First, a local teen, Heather Rogers was murdered in March. Church of Satan member Mario Belphegor was arrested on May 24 in connection with her death. Belphegor’s trial is set to begin September 28. Recently, a local resident, Mark Farnsworth shot and wounded two CoS members, Phil LaChouffe and Jason ‘Horns’ Bazeley, in retaliation for Rogers’ murder.

Minneapolis Chief of Police Vernon McCough: “We believe that the Church of Satan was involved in some kidnappings in the area and now that we know what they’ve been up to we’re going back and warming up some cold cases.”

Here is a news article with some background on the recent events.

Gordian Vizier is the current leader of the Church of Satan. Here is an interview with him done by Caligula.

Other random details

180 Seconds is Minneapolis’s weekly filmmaker’s “open mic.”

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